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Matariki @ Onehunga Festival

Prepare yourself for the Matariki @ Onehunga Festival next month!

Matariki is the traditional Maori New Year. It’s heralded in by the appearance of the Pleiades constellation, also known as the Seven Sisters, Subaru and to Maori, Te Whanau Matariki.

Traditionaly, it was a time to prepare and plan for different aspects of village life – land preparations for gardens, seasonal predictions utilizing star readings, planning seaward expeditions by preparing logs, carvers and engineers. Nowadays, Matariki is a landmark to revitalize learning opportunities at Kohanga Roa, Kura Kaupapa Maori, Wharekura Maori and Maori Communities.

The Matariki @ Onehunga Festival organisers encourage everyone to add this indigenous landmark to all calenders.

The first Matariki @ Onehunga Festival will run from 14 June to 14 July 2010. It will be held at the Onehunga Community Centre buildings on Church and Pearce Streets.

The 31-day festival will feature talents from around Onehunga and Auckland areas. Workshops to learn maori songs, play maori games, exhibitons expressing local issues through colour, sculpture and carving.

Weekly concerts showcasing local hip hop, reggae, rock, funk, jazz artists as well as drama students, and dancers.

If you wish to participate in the festival, exhibit your talents or volunteer, please contact the Festival Coordinator, Tiakina Peehikuru 021 1738 443